The Problem Solution Pattern



در این مقاله اکسیری می خواهیم الگوی Problem Solution را در پاراگراف نویسی زبان انگلیسی به شما توضیح بدهیم. همان طور که از اسم این الگو مشخص است، قرار است مشکلی بیاید و در پی آن راه حل مشکل نیز ارائه شود.


الگوی Problem Solution


در پاراگراف هایی که با این الگو نوشته می شوند، ممکن است یک مشکل و چند راه حل، یک مشکل و یک راه حل، دو مشکل و یک راه حل، یا دو مشکل و دو راه حل و … مطرح شود که بستگی به دید نویسنده دارد.


اما در هر صورت طبعا دو بخش دارد که قطعا در یک جمله مشکل به عنوان Main Idea مطرح می شود. سپس به دنبال آن توضیح داده شده و راه حل مشکل ارائه می شود.

به کلمات زیر دقت کنید:

  • Key words/phrases in the main idea: situation, trouble, crisis, dilemma or issue.
  • In the body of the paragraph, key words include: solve, solution, resolved.


به پاراگراف زیر دقت کنید:


Beginning in the 1600s, astronomers had realized that their telescopes had serious limits. They had managed to build stronger and better telescopes, but no matter how strong the new telescopes were, they were less than satisfactory. The astronomers were able to view objects only when the objects were in view of Earth. At the same time, however, Earth’s light and atmosphere made it difficult to see many heavenly. Thanks to the Hubble Telescope, this has been solved, because the objects Hubble is not just a telescope. It is a digital camera on a satellite that travels about 370 miles (600 km) above Earth, making a complete orbit every ninety-seven minutes. Since 1990, Hubble has been able to take digital pictures of planets, galaxies, comets, and more, and these are sent back to Hubble headquarters for scientists to study.


Topic: Telescopes’ limitation and solution

Main idea: Telescopes were limited, but the new Hubble telescope has solved the problem.

Key word in the main idea: problem, solved Problems and solutions

Problem: Telescopes could view objects only when they were in view of Earth.

Solution: A new kind of telescope

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