The Cause and Effect Pattern


در این مقاله اکسیری می خواهیم الگوی Cause and Effect را در استایل پاراگراف های زبان انگلیسی برای شما توضیح دهیم. در الگوی Cause and Effect دو اتفاق هستند که یکی منجر به دیگری می شود و به اتفاق اول Cause و اتفاقی که در اثر مورد اول میفتد Effect می گوییم. این الگو در زبان فارسی علت و معلول نام دارد که در آن یک اتفاق یا حالت یا اکشنی منجر به ایجاد یک اتفاق دیگر می شود.



کلمات کلیدی که در Main Idea و در بدنه پاراگراف هستند، مثل سیگنال الگوی ذکر شده را به ما نشان می دهند. این کلمات شامل موارد زیر است که اگر سوم شخص مفرد باشد s نیز می گیرند:

Key words/phrases in the main idea and the signal words for details are the same and often include: causes, leads to, is the cause of, results in, creates, brings about, makes, provokes, produces, gives rise to, contributes to, is due to, is the result of, comes from, results from, is produced by, is a consequence of, follows, is caused by.


پاراگراف زیر را بخوانید و جزییات آن را بررسی کنید:


In 2003, two robotic rovers landed on Mars and began sending back data about the possible existence of water on the red planet. This close examination of Mars was the result of new and improved technology. Because of advances in telecommunication systems, scientists on Earth can send commands faster and receive data in greater amounts. New software in the rovers led to their increased ability to make independent decisions and avoid dangers and hazards on their own. As a result of new technologies for severe environments, the rovers and their interior computers were able to survive the extreme cold and hot conditions in space and on Mars. And due to their new improved wheels the twin rovers could move around the rocky Martian landscape with ease.

Topic: Close examination of Mars

Main idea: This close examination of Mars is the result of new and improved technology

Key word in the main idea: the result of Causes and Effects

Cause: New and improved technology

Effect: Close examination of Mars

Signal words/phrases:

  • because of (Advances in telecommunication—send commands and receive data faster)
  • led to (New software—increased abilities of the rovers)
  • as a result of (New technology—rovers and computers can survive extreme conditions)
  • due to (improved wheels—the rovers can move around with ease)

نوبت شماست!


حالا نوبت شماست. در این مقاله با الگوی Cause and Effect آشنا شدید. حال یک پاراگراف با این Pattern بنویسید و از کلمات کلیدی داده شده استفاده کنید.